Electroacoustic Music

Raumklang 1 und 2, 6-channel format, 2015

Zephyr, 2-channel format, 2010

Spiegelung for chamber ensemble (alto flute, bass flute, 2 violoncellos, e-guitar, percussion), three improvising musicians and electroacoustic music (8-channel), 2005/2006

Klanglandschaft mit Fluß for piano, cello, percussion, prerecorded CD, 2004

2 Skizzen for trombone and pre-recorded CD, 2003

Collage mit Schritten, 2003

Mo(u)vements for piano trio, electroacoustic music (8-channel), video installation (Doerte Meyer) and light installation (Andreas Greiner), 2001/2002

Mo(u)vements II (live version in 8-channel format), 2001

Hommage for trautonium, clarinet, bass clarinet, violin, cello, harp, 2 percussionists and pre-recorded CD with edited sounds of the trautonium, 2000

The Secret of P.P.P. (live version in 8-channel format), 2000

Divining by Looking in the Water for 8 loudspeakers arranged in a circle, 1997

8 American Songs for various small instrumentations and electronics, 1994

Phonismen for two violoncellos and live electronics, 1993

Rockefeller Building for voice, tenor saxophone, sampler, dance, (together with Iris ter Schiphorst and Sascha Waltz), 1992

Am Anfang ist das Ende based on a poem by Meret Oppenheim, for mezzo soprano, flute, clarinet, 2 trumpets, trombone, cello, piano, sampler, double bass, drums, pre-recorded CD, 1990

4 Pieces for one Player and Field Recordings, 1987